Product Descriptions:

  • The problem of Bedwetting can be worrying and frustrating for both parents and children, but it’s common for children to accidentally wet the bed during the night.

  • MoDo-king Bedwetting Alarm is a comfortable, compact and discreet bedwetting alarm. 

  • Similar to wearing a sports band, the MoDo-king alarm unit is attached to an adjustable strap worn by the child on his arm and the sensor fits closely onto the outside of the underwear.

  • During a bedwetting incident, the MoDo-king alarm flashes a bright blue LED light coupled with sound and vibration which is good enough to wake deep sleepers.

  • This MoDo King alarm is a 1-tone alarm. 

  • The armband is fixed to the alarm, so the MoDo King alarm cannot be detached and worn on the pajama top.

  • It’s a good choice for children who prefer to wear an alarm on their arm instead of attaching it to the pajama top.

  • In order for the sensor cord to remain in place we recommend that your child wear a pajama top at all times.

  • Contents include battery and manual, so you can start treatment right out of the box. 
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Product Features:

The latest generation enuresis bedwetting alarm packs powerful benefits, including:


1.Exciting to Wear

innovative, sports-band inspired design is exciting for your child to wear

2.Inconspicuous Design

our discreet design can easily be hidden under clothing, helping your child avoid embarrassment 

3.Extremely Cost Effective

it is so effective, it solves the high costs and headaches of multiple doctor visits and medication



 Why Trust Us?


  • Results shown in less than 30 days in most cases.

  • Clinically proven method.

  • Recommended by most doctors

  • Mom's favorite bed wetting alarm

  • 250, 000+ success stories

  • Gives children confidence and parents a good, uninterrupted night's rest.


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