Aimanfun Lumea Comfort Hair Removal

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Aimanfun Hair Removal

Wouldn't it be great to never have to shave, pluck or wax again?


Enjoy silky smooth skin every day with the Aimanfun Comfort IPL Hair Removal System. Effective and gentle on the most sensitive areas of the body. The IPL technology used with the Aimanfun applies gentle pulses of light to the hair. The light produces heat which is transfered to each individual hair follicle which triggers it to go into a resting phase. This results in the hair shedding naturally inhibiting regrowth. When appklied regularly these light pulses keep the skin smooth and hair free. IPL is a safe and effective hair removal that is new to the market. Why not try it out today! You wont regret it.




Gets rid of unsightly hairs without the usual pain and stress of standard shaving and other methods!

Enjoy an amazing experience for anyone looking to help get rid of hair where you don’t want it, the Aimanfun Lumea Comfort hair removal solution can remove hairs from arms, legs, underarms and bikini lines with the minimum of fuss.


Made to be comfortable and safe, this gets rid of the hairs without being painful, invasive or damaging in any way. The perfect choice for a safe, reliable and engaging solution for hair removal that takes a matter of moments to pull off.



IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is a proven standard in hair removal technology. Put Simply, the IPL process reduces the body's ability to regrow the hair follicles after being successfully treated.  


It's a professional, safe and painless treatment preventing hair from regrowth with proven hair reduction after 1 treatment. Get these professional results from the comfort of home! 


With the Aimanfun IPL Hair Removal system you can relax knowing you will soon be rid of unsightly, unwanted hair, whether you want your underarms, face, back, Brazilian or any other area treated 


You can also use IPL for skin rejuvenation, treating conditions and blemishes including freckles and sunspots, general pigmentation, spider veins, red spots, broken capillaries, rosacea and red scarring, sun damaged skin and acne/acne scars.


What’s included?

1x Aimanfun IPL Hair Removal Device

1x AC Adapter
1x Quick Start Guide

1x User Manual

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